Wednesday, January 14, 2009

On Second Thought

So I hope I didn't sound unappreciative of my life in that last blog. I am very fortunate, particularly in these times, to be able to travel and to be home for a year with my boys. And yes, I realize I take much for granted. I just meant that I can't believe how quickly things are happening in my life; take Braylon, he'll be a year already in two weeks. Where did all that time go? I very much enjoyed my vacation, I am still passionate about synchro (why else would I invest in it at this age?). I like to keep busy, I always have. In many ways, I don't know how to function when I do have time. So should you have read that I don't stop and smell the roses as you read that last post, it's not entirely true. It is simply that I can't believe the pace of life these days. And on that note, since I return to work in a week, back to the grind it is for me. (Seriously, why is it so tempting to procrastinate?)

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