Wednesday, June 25, 2008

The Sweetest Thing

Okay, I'll be the first to admit to my obvious bias, but I truly think my boys are the sweetest things. It is amazing to see them interact so meaningfully with one another. Isaiah is sure to make his presence known to Braylon in anyway he can, typically waving vigorously and repeatedly saying hi to him. He continues to enjoy tickling him, and is very aware of the response he gets. Braylon at times laughs just observing Isaiah play, and loves any attention doted on him by his big brother. They are certain to grow up to be such good friends (though I know they'll have their rough times too). And apart from the odd time, Isaiah holds little jealousy for his brother. We're quite fortunate in that regard, as it tends only to be times when he is tired and irritable and Braylon needs to nurse. I've really got two very good boys to raise.

As of late, Isaiah is really starting to make headway with his speech. In the past few weeks, he has finally begun to use the vocabulary we knew he had stored in his brain. He's even working on proper two syllable words; instead of da-da, used anytime he heard the garage door open when Greg was due home from work, for example, he's now saying da-y (we just need to work that other "dd" in there). And Braylon, too, is continuing to be incredibly vocal, cooing and babbling away. Now if we could only make progress in the potty department with Isaiah; he was doing so well for such a young toddler, but recently he's been quite defiant of even sitting on it. Maybe Braylon will beat him to it!

As for Braylon, although Greg has yet to witness for himself, he has managed to roll over from both front to back and vice versa... despite much time spent on his belly. It isn't yet a daily motion, but he's done it now enough to notice this new feat. He continues to be very strong, holding himself up on his legs for longer and longer and propping himself up at 90 degrees when he is forced into tummy time. (I know, I'm such a mean mommy!) I never know if he's advanced in his growth or not, as I remember thinking Isaiah was compared to other babies I knew who were relatively similar in age, but I think having a big brother to look up to and observe all the time is helping Braylon do things earlier. Who knows?!

Anyway, it seems I've again just noted a few of the things they've been doing lately rather than share the particulars of our lives. But although I've not really stories to share - instead, I tend to give a vague update regarding their accomplishments - I think it worthwhile to post this stuff. I don't even know if anyone who reads this cares all that much about such minute steps, but I think it will be neat to look back with them to remember these moments in time. And I always mean to blog more often, but I think it more important to spend my time at home being with them so you will have to pardon my absence in terms of a daily upkeep of blogging. It will be awhile until I next log on too, as we're off on vacation for the first bit of July. I'm sure to have something to post upon return, so until then...

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Anonymous said...

I love reading your blogs, Natalie. You should print them and keep them in a book. Old fashioned technology I realize, but the book will never become outdated. See you soon!