Monday, June 9, 2008

How in the world...

...Greg managed to get Isaiah to eat carrots last night for dinner is still beyond me. If you know our son, you well know he long gave up on vegetables and it has been a fight to get him to eat them ever since. Give him a stick of celery and he'll chew it to bits, strings hanging from between his teeth. He'll mush a green bean and think about squash and sweet potato. But he never swallows. Ever. Most often he allows the intruder (a.k.a. vegetable) to slide down his tongue, returning the enemy to his tray with true distaste. And he turns away from just about everything else. However, just when I was certain he was a mini-Grandpa, eating corn and corn alone (which is quite possibly the most difficult, and time consuming, vegetable for Mr. Independent), he shocked us by shoveling in mouthful after mouthful of carrot last night. Now my children are notorious for doing the exact opposite as soon as I praise them on my blog, so let me cross my fingers that we're finally on track toward getting his servings of vegetables in.

P.S. Dad, he also inherited your potato oddity; he loves his french fries, but he's no fan of mashed or roasted potato!

Braylon, too, has his own idiosyncrasies. Take, for example, how he automatically quieted into a zone just now, subdued by an interest in watching Euro. Greg is going to be happy to hear how he was fussy for cartoons but the second I turned the channel to Italy's game, he fell quietly into a relaxed state, watching the soccer match intently. I think he'll be our little soccer player! (As though I'm glad he already seems to show a preference of his own, he'll probably be pushed in that direction; he already has watched numerous games in his four months of life!)

Isaiah, on the other hand, just may take up yoga. I can't say for sure he knows his poses, but he has long mastered downward-facing-dog. (Maybe the 42 weeks in the womb spent doing yoga with mommy influenced his strange notions to all of a sudden hang in an upside-down "v" on the living room floor.) My instructor should begin mommy-and-me classes, I do believe, although he is far more flexible than am I so he might just show me up. See, mom, your genes passed through me and on to my son! (My mom is ridiculously flexible for 50; if you've never seen her do the splits, just ask!)

Yep, those are my boys. Always entertaining and each very unique. They have certainly developed their own personalities, and it's amazing to see how different Braylon is from his older brother! I know it seems like I tend to write about the same sorts of daily happenings, all somewhat blase (how do you make an accent on here?), but hopefully recording these observations and events will serve as gentle reminders when I look back in a few years with faint memory of days that pass far too quickly.

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Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup, Natalie! I desperately needed a good chuckle just right now. It's been a stifling day in the classroom and I've been working steadily on an assignment for my spec. ed. course. Your blog saved my day! Hey? Does everyone have to know about my "talent"??!!