Monday, October 19, 2009

Caleb's Photoshoot

So, as with all of my children, I booked a "newborn" photoshoot for Caleb... My photographer, Kim, does amazing work, but I must admit I'm disappointed that I never seem to get all the shots in I want and I tend to be left wishing we had more time to try a few more poses on my list. That, and it's incredibly difficult, it seems, to schedule a session with her. Not her fault entirely, by any means, as Greg works long hours in addition to commuting, and her weekends are booked up, on top of the fact that each of our families have other commitments in our schedules. And so with her wanting to have natural light to work with, our timing is limited.

We did manage to squeeze in a few hours one evening this past week (we're getting an additional hour next weekend to try a few more, especially since Braylon refused to cooperate whatsoever so we've absolutely none of him alone). I'm excited to see what she did capture, but she's planning to wait until we finish the session to do up our cd. She did send me a "teaser" that I couldn't resist sharing, though, so I'm thankful for that (and that it turned out so well). However, I'm not certain she captured our typical "angel wing" pose - which I really want because we've the other two boys in that pose hanging on the wall up the stairs and I'd wanted to add Caleb to the mix. So I'm hoping we can redo that pose when we meet again. However, Caleb's infantile acne has worsened dreadfully, so although she was able to photoshop my arms out from underneath him in the above cocoon picture, I doubt she'd be able to photoshop his face! And, as he's now almost 6 weeks and therefore awake far more often than asleep in the day, I'm not sure we'll be able to get him sleeping for that one hour to be able to do the poses I wanted to in our original session (when he didn't sleep at all, and so some of the poses wouldn't work).

I suppose I should just let happen what will happen, but for some reason I just can't give up complete control! It's just like the other day - when she originally sent me the photo, actually - when I realized that somehow in the process of switching Blackberry phones and uploading data to redownload on the new phone, my phone pictures got lost. I seriously got upset. Just as I would if my house caught fire. I would be absolutely devastated to lose the pictures in my house. They serve as captured memories of moments, many pivotal, that are already faded, some lost, in my aging mind. It helps now to have digital, yes, but there are situations (like with the phone) that you still manage to lose them. Or forget which ones are backed up.

Anyhow, I'd meant simply to share a stunning photo, so I think it best I leave this post at that. I think my sons are truly beautiful babies, and I am blessed to have such amazing kids. I need to be thankful (and cognizant of that gratefulness) more often!

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