Monday, July 20, 2009

Beach Boys

So despite the crappy weather this summer, we've managed to make it to the beach twice... which in days long ago would not nearly be enough for a week let alone an entire summer, but since becoming a mom we don't manage to get beach days in very often so it was a treat to go twice in one week (even if I look like a beached whale at 34 weeks pregnant)!

Day 1 was an impromptu trip to Grand Bend with my sister-in-law and her sons, mostly to avoid the driveway work going on at home and to take advantage of one of the only nice days we'd had in some time. We loaded up (unfortunately two separate vehicles) and drove up to the beach to spend the afternoon in the sun. The boys were all well behaved, as was Olivia, my neighbour "adopted daughter" of kinds - she's Isaiah's summertime best/girl friend (sorry, Lola) - as we spent the afternoon watching the boys play with the beach toys and Olivia swim in the waves.

Day 2 was also planned somewhat last minute, as Greg had been working hard on "holidays" to finish the driveway with the help of many friends. He deserved some relaxation too, and we were blessed with a second good beach day in one week weather-wise, so we trekked back up 81 to the Bend. The boys again enjoyed digging in the sand, burying their legs with daddy and filling up the holes he dug with water from the lake. They both went in for a bit of a swim too - Isaiah to jump the waves and Braylon to watch the action of the various high school kids playing catch and giggling in gaggles.

We didn't last as long as I'd originally hoped, though, as I wanted a nice long day at the beach - not only does beach air tire you out, but beachin' it with a 2.5 year old and a 1.5 year old whilst being 7.5 months pregnant keeps you too busy to relax in the sun.
We did tackle the new play equipment and take a stroll down to the pier as well as up and down the main drag, but we headed home mid-afternoon (though we did go out for dinner at Cello that night with our neighbour friends anyhow, so we came home for a reason). This summer is flying by, so I'm hoping to enjoy a few more beach days before delivery-day because I can't fathom taking these two monkeys and a newborn to the beach! I'm sure we'll have tons more summer adventures, beach-related or not, before the fall, so be sure to stay tuned!

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