Monday, November 3, 2008

Rebelo cousins

So every month, Janice, Stacey and I try to get together with our children and take a photo. They were all born within 3.5 months of one another, so they'll likely grow up to be very close. And it's been nice to keep up with a monthly playdate as I think socializing children is incredibly important. If we stay where we are, as in Strathroy, Jasmine (in orange) and Braylon will go to school together, and likely play soccer together as well. So although they won't be into roughhousing like Greg and Darryl were, let's hope, they're sure to know one another fairly well by the time they go to school.
Anyhow, usually we can easily encourage Braylon, Mateo and Jasmine to comply, and sometimes even Isaiah manages to sit still for a picture or two. I think it's neat to mark the monthly progression between them, and observe the family genes inherent in all of them. I think right now they're too much a blend of both parents to note distinct similarities between them, but hopefully they'll cooperate long enough for us to continue our monthly photos!
Lately, though, I've noticed that, despite all claims to a "Rebelo nose," my boys have got my nose. It's the very same shape on both of them. The eyes are different, yes; Isaiah's are crystal clear blue and Braylon's have changed to what I suppose is hazel. Most people remark how alike they look, and though I agree they look like brothers, I find them to be very different. I wonder if, years later, I'll look back and question which child is which when I pull out the photo albums!
One thing is for sure, neither Rebelo boy looks much like their cousin Mateo! He is taking after Isaiah in body size - the Faria side's height, most notably - but both my boys are fair skinned, for one and he's definitely got the olive-toned skin. It's funny because Greg and Stacey look so much alike, but when you add in my background and Ermal's as well, it changes everything! I wonder what the new "Rebelo" baby will look like - and no, not ours! Hopefully Stacey has a little girl next, though, since so far our family has only grandsons!
Anyhow, we're expecting Janice and Jasmine for a walk, so I'd best get my boys ready to go!

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