Saturday, November 1, 2008

Halloween '08

I could've sworn I said I wasn't going to truck the kids around for Halloween this year, I know I did. But I didn't stick to my intentions at all because I couldn't resist showing off my little jungle creatures, and I rather enjoy visiting family and friends, even if it was brief.

Our day began with some pictures at home - not 150 like Kelly (just teasing, Kel), but I try to get shots of moments I'd like to remember! And I of course bought Halloween shirts for the boys, even though it's just one day (so was my wedding, and I don't seem to recall the dress costing $5 like the shirts were!). We headed over to my in-laws to share some candy with the daycare kids, and then back home for Braylon's lunch.
Then we went 'round Strathroy with Janice and Jasmine (the pumpkin), Stacey and Mateo (Tigger, of course), and then to London where I picked up Greg. And, after driving through the city at 5 pm (not intentionally, it just happened to work out that way - ill luck on our part since Wharncliffe was packed like sardines), back out this way and finally home for 7:30. It wasn't record time, since we started at 2 pm, and it was exhausting, but Isaiah didn't really need to trick-or-treat around the neighbourhood this year. Next year he'll enjoy going door-to-door, I think, so don't count on us making the trip again. Although Halloween falls on a Saturday next year, so maybe we'll do the rounds early. We'll see!

We did at least agree that Braylon is moving out of his infant car seat! After taking him out and bundling him back in about 50 times yesterday, in his big belly monkey suit at that, we decided it is time to move up to the normal seat. We'd been debating about doing so for the past while anyhow, particularly since the weather has dropped and he's been wearing a winter jacket, because it is a struggle to get the seatbelt done up at times. So these will be his last few days in the carrier car seat (thank god, because it's getting rather heavy as well, and I do not have upper body strength to say the least; skating built some good strong legs but my arms are weak). I will miss the ease in transitioning a sleeping baby, but I think I can give in for the other advantages of the in-car seat.

Braylon is also showing signs of growing up into a big boy in that he's shown a clear sign of wanting to eat our food lately. He may just skip the veggies alone deal altogether, though he's good with creamed corn, sweet potato and butternut squash not having to be mixed into his cereal. He's been eating banana, cheese, yogurt and such for some time, but lately he's been wanting to eat what the three of us have on our plates. So, despite a lack of tooth eruption in his gums, I think I'm going to have him eating what we are. He had some spaghetti the other night and grilled cheese today, so slowly we'll get him through this next stage!
He's also begun to take one good lengthy nap in the afternoon, and sometimes I'm fortunate to have both boys napping simultaneously. I've definitely got to work on that, because when it does happen I afford myself a little free time... although sometimes I find myself taking a little siesta then as well!

He's standing alone well lately too, fairly well balanced on those tree trunk thighs; not yet crawling (though VERY frustrated that he can't as he'll go from sitting to crawling position, but then gives in to the backward slide across the floor to get where he needs to go, until he gets stuck that is). He may in fact walk before he becomes truly mobile on all fours.

As for Isaiah, he'll be 2 in less than 2 weeks! Hard to believe at times! No one believes he's not yet 2, though, mostly because he's quite tall. Greg and I both have remarked lately how big he's getting, and how grown up. Sometimes the changes in him are so subtle, and you don't realize he's growing into a little boy until it all of a sudden hits you. The other night, after his bath, he wanted to go downstairs and he came running into the bedroom where I was folding laundry and said, clear as a bell, "Mom, open the gate." Perfectly pronounced, perfectly paced. His language has actually come along so well, though he wasn't into saying "trick or treat" on command last night, no matter how many times we'd rehearsed!
I must admit he was one of the cutest kids (and yes, I am biased) I've ever seen last night in his elephant suit. It got me every time!

Anyhow, the other thing I learned this Halloween is that my husband bears a striking resemblance to Borat. Seriously. I'd post the picture of just him dressed up from last night, but it's on his Blackberry and I've yet to figure out how to upload photos from our phones (if you know me, you know how computer illiterate I am - it's amazing I've learned to blog!). I'm not sure it's a good thing he looks so alike Sasha, but it is more than a convincing costume!

Okay, well I sense all 3 boys and the dogs beginning to stir from their late afternoon nap (yes, late - it's after 6 pm but the candy consumed last evening changed Isaiah's daily routine in that he slept in this morning due to a ton of running with the neighbour kids around 8:30 last night so his afternoon nap began around 5:15 tonight), so that means I'd best sign off!
I hope everyone had a great Halloween! I'm headed out this evening myself... I'll MAYBE post a pic of my costume next time! No clever disguise for me!

P.S. The spacing will not stay when I go to publish the post, so pardon the craziness when reading. I've tried to return to edit, but it will not keep the spacing for some reason! Grr...

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Kelly said...

It looks like you guys had a great halloween! Great costumes, very cute! Fall is a wonderful time! Hope you are enjoying it...