Friday, August 22, 2008

And Another Summer Gone

I should be getting ready for yet another wedding... the 5th of 7 this summer (and then we've one in mid-winter too)... and I will in fact get to that. My nails were done yesterday and my hair has been styled, but my face needs some make-up and I need to get dolled up. However, I thought I'd take a quick moment, as I find myself without children for a second (how rare!), to post a new blog!

I've intended to write far more frequently than I have found myself doing, but I've been too darn busy. Our summer has, like I mentioned, been one of many weddings. It seems we've gone from one weekend to the next in a blink simply because we've had something on the go: wedding, baptism, family reunion, mini-vacation here or there. Which is good, I like keeping busy, but it's now the end of August and I'm in the typical longing-for-more-summer stage.

What helps is that I don't have the impending return to work, though strangely some nights have been plagued with the "teacher nightmare" wherein you just aren't ready for the start of school. Not sure why my mind isn't convinced of the fact that I don't work until January, but I'm looking forward to a post-Labour Day watching kids walk off to school while I lounge with the boys in pajamas still (I'll make a point of staying in them just a little longer that day!). And I know the warm days will continue into September, despite the nights cooling off significantly as of late. And we've things to do - another wedding after this crazy weekend (2 weddings, 1 shower, 1 baptism and hopefully a visit with Greg's cousin Richard and his fiancee from Flin Flon), a live Raiders game in Buffalo, that sort of thing - before Thanksgiving comes, so I know summer isn't truly over... yet. Nor is my mat. leave. But time has flown by.

Take Isaiah, he'll be 2 in November. Can you believe it? Where has time gone?

Or take our recent HCC (summer camp) reunion in Bayfield. A few of us managed to get together up at camp for a visit and a little time to reminisce. Some things hadn't changed a bit, some improved for the better, and others gone for good (such as the ravine bridge). But one thing I love is that, regardless of the passing of time, friends like that - my camp friends - are those with which I can catch up as if our last conversation ended just yesterday. Because sadly we've lost touch, it was inevitable, particularly when we had that type of relationship to begin with (one in which you work together all summer - living and breathing together every second of the day - and then it's 10 months of sporadic correspondance before it all begins again). But we haven't lost our friendship.

And, after 10+ years of not seeing some of these guys whatsoever and others not as much as I should, it was nice to catch up. We didn't all work together, in fact some of these guys were my cabin counsellors, but we're tied together by a common thread. And we came together after such a long time!

Anyhow, I've now, as usual, given myself little time to get ready for the wedding, so I'm off to "get pretty."

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