Monday, September 10, 2007

Patience is a Virtue

As many of you know, I am anything but patient. And in circumstances like having an ultrasound when you are anxious to know the gender of your future child and not being able to know immediately from the technician is a test of my patience. I have to wait until next Wednesday, when next I visit my family doctor, to hear the news. But I can share these images anyway (and to anyone who can decipher the coding, please feel free to tell me male or female before next Wednesday - I honestly don't think I can wait that long).

Anyhow, what is important is that baby #2 (what a name... see, and that's just another reason why I'd like to know, so I can refer to "it" as "him" or "her") is healthy... ten fingers, ten toes! The technician was even able to zoom in on a high five! So cute... That hand is, however, likely getting ready to make a fist and punch through to my stomach; I've definitely been more attune to the moving and shaking of this fetus more so and much earlier than with Isaiah. But, knock on wood, this trimester is passing with little negative effect. Here's hoping it continues!

So, back to school work (which, by the way, is already piling up - I haven't quite figured out a routine whereby I spend quality time with Isaiah when I come home and get some productive work done too). Just wanted to share our excitement of the day!


Anonymous said...

SOOOO cute. Just so you know...I HATE waiting too. Here's what I would do. Call your doctors office on Friday afternoon and say you are so anxious to know if everything was okay with the ultrasound, and then as they pull your file out casually say "oh and would you mind taking a peek to see what the gender is". LOL It worked at my Dr's office. It's worth a try!!

Anonymous said...

He/She is already a little darling, Natalie! Thank you for the highlight to my evening. I too am buried in school work, so I was very glad I took a break and checked your blog. Looking forward to her/his safe arrival!

Take care, hon.
XO Mom