Wednesday, June 9, 2010

My Little Timbit

Well, we're one month into soccer season now - for Isaiah and myself. Isaiah is playing in the Timbit Under-5 division this year, and he's really starting to take to the game. Last night he was quite into the game, chasing the ball and dribbling it toward the net (although twice he got confused as to which net was the one to score in). And he did in fact almost score (yes, almost in our net, but also almost in the opponent's net as well). It's hard for him to not get caught up in not scoring. At least last night's game was more evenly matched and I think in the end we may have pulled off a win (if not, a tie). (I sound completely oblivious to the game, but keep in mind I have three kids to watch and so my priorities are not keeping track of the goals for and against... that, and the past few weeks have been complete blow-outs by the other teams so I just stopped keeping a running tally so my brain must've already thought to do so again.)
Anyhow, he really seems to enjoy the game. And I'm very glad he wants to play. I'm not having to coerce him to dress in his shinpads, socks, uniform and cleats nor bribe him to step on the field, as some parents do. And so long as he is reminded to keep chasing the ball and kick it toward the other end of the field, he is actually very involved in the play.
As for Braylon, he's so far been content to be allowed to warm-up with the Purple Dragons and then sit alongside the field to cheer for his big brother. Of course it helps that his cousins have been to every game, along with many other family members (I'm pretty sure Isaiah has had the most fans each game), to help distract him. And last night Grandma Lina brought some gummy candies for him. But he's definitely into the game as well. Unfortunately he has yet another summer to wait as despite being 14 months from Isaiah in age, they are two "school years" apart.
Caleb has so far been an easy spectator too. He typically naps during part of the time and thankfully, despite becoming increasingly difficult to rock him to sleep, he has eventually given in to slumber in my arms while cheering for Isaiah. And last night he was so completely off his normal schedule that he was wide awake the entire game, which was better.
And so that's how our typical Tuesday or Thursday evening, depending on the schedule, plays out. This is only the beginning of a very busy life for me... a life I thought would be busy for two parents and which now is going to play out even more so it would seem. (Again, not the time to blog about any of this yet... maybe one day...)

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