Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Not Enough Hours in the Day

So there are definitely not enough hours in my day lately. I am finding it difficult to keep up with blogging, obviously, but it's also just so darn busy with three boys so close in age. Don't get me wrong, I love being home, but it's a challenge to find time to devote to each of them. And sometimes my parenting is far from ideal.

But I do like that, now that we've "sprung forward" there is more daylight... and add in the mild weather we've been having, and at least we're taking advantage of what hours we do have in the day to spend them outside. We've been out for walks, and playing with the ride-on toys.
I am, however, finding it difficult to spend an hour of each day doing my workouts, though three weeks in and I'm still keeping up with them. Despite returning to both skating and yoga this winter, my post pregnancy body the third go has really struggled to find a shape anywhere near what I'd like. So I've been doing the P90X workout since the beginning of March. I'm trying to stick with it, even though there are parts I really don't like. We'll see how quickly results come!

Anyhow, a bit of an update...

Well, the boys are growing quickly. It's amazing, really. Their personalities are really starting to emerge, especially in Caleb and Braylon. Braylon is incredibly "strong-willed"! He is much different than Isaiah ever was at this age. He is certainly goofy, very active and loves to be physical, especially rough housing with Isaiah. His words have been coming along, with sentences developing and vocal responses becoming more sophisticated.

Isaiah is finally fully potty trained. He had a severe aversion to pooping in the potty, which we finally conquered a few weeks ago. And he tends to keep his nighttime diapers dry if I get him to pee just before falling asleep. I'm hesitant to take it away because I'd rather not deal with a wet mattress!

Caleb is, although no longer sleeping through the night, growing and changing daily. He really wants to get moving, but he hates tummy time so crawling is nowhere in sight. He's a good eater so far, though there are veggies he'd rather I not serve him! I think he's going to be much like Isaiah, although he loves both of his brothers.

Anyhow, the boys aren't letting me write much without distraction - the colouring at the desk beside me has already gone awry - so I'd best sign off for today. I will one day write more... there are actually a few things to catch you up on!

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Farmers Wife said...

Hey Nat, What beautiful boys you have, I can't believe how similar they all look...definitely brothers!!

If you don't already, a great way to keep the mattress dry in case of an accident, is the plastic cover from walmart. I think they are around $5 and have a zipper, they completely surround the mattress and then you only have a sheet to wash :) It's helped a bunch here...we'd have been through several mattresses by now :)

hope you enjoy another sun-shiney day with the boys, tootles for now!!