Monday, November 30, 2009

Bragging Rights

Okay, so I'm certain every parent feels they have bragging rights about their children, but I have to claim my children to be absolutely amazing. They are gems. I am by no means taking full responsibility for their awesomeness - they are by nature wonderful kids - but I do think Greg and I have worked hard to help mould them, shaping at least the right direction. We are not perfect, nor is our parenting. We work on it every day. We acknowledge our shortcomings and work to improve. One step forward, two steps back most times. Yet our kids are great.

What brings this "I-feel-the-need-to-brag" moment about? Well, we went on a shopping trip to Birch Run, MI this past weekend, and numerous times we were given compliments regarding how well behaved our children were. And they really are. They are quiet and polite, well-mannered and calm. Not to say they don't have their moments - Isaiah and Braylon each fall victim to emotional reaction like their mom in the form of a temper tantrum, and sometimes it does happen in public. But they are for the most part exceptionally well behaved. I can take all three grocery shopping with no hesitation, and again when I did so today I had several people comment about what good boys they were being.

Of course much of it is nature - they were born good children, it is in their blood (thankfully they haven't seemed to have acquired some of our not-so-favourable characteristics). But I don't necessarily believe we were lucky to be blessed with good children, as many note, at least not entirely. I firmly believe we've had our hand in it too (so I suppose in a way I am bragging for a moment about Greg and I as well...). Though I often feel like a failure in a way, especially when I give in to an emotional response to their behaviour. Or in particular how Isaiah is still not fully potty trained; I have those moments questioning my ability to help him. Why can't I get my child to poo in the toilet? What is wrong with me as a parent? What am I doing wrong?

But then I also have those moments that I am proud of what I am doing. My boys often sleep all together. They play with one another so well. They rarely hit or punch, unless provoked. They are gentle and loving souls, in different ways. I am very blessed, and thankful for being so.

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Anonymous said...

You are both doing a great job as parents, Natalie. Parenting is never perfect. We all seem to fumble our way through parenting challenges. But, you are a loving, conscientious, and attentive parent. That is why your boys are awesome. You both work at the job of parenting and your boys are growing happily in that environment. I am proud of you!!