Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Back Peddlin'

Oh he's desperate to move, that we knew. He's been determined to reach far ahead of him for toys when he's sitting on the ground and, as of late, he's crawling all over us whenever we lounge on the couch., jumping or bouncing up and down, rocking his body to plummet himself in any random direction. So when I put him down for tummy time today, Braylon proved me wrong (see, all it takes is a little post noting my worries at his stale progression at times). Now he's really genuinely trying to crawl, even if it's a back peddling motion instead of forward advancement. It'll come. That's how it was with Isaiah as well.

And Isaiah, he's on a mission to demonstrate mastery of new feats daily. I knew long ago he knew many a word, but not only is he using them all now, and correctly at that (he knows all the words in all of his books, pretty much), he's stringing sentences together like nothing. And I think he may even be beginning to understand the concepts of tomorrow and yesterday. We went and fed the ducks last night on our bike ride and that's all he could talk about today. He remembered doing so with absolutely no prompting whatsoever. The rate at which he is changing is remarkable, although some things I'd like to avoid (for instance, he was in a screaming mood this evening and does not take no for an answer - well, save for his answer to us - when we ask him to stop). He's always wanting to help me, though recently my little clean freak has developed a fear of the vacuum that is worsening each time I pull it out. Today we were making a birthday cake for my mom, though, and he doesn't quite understand why he can't do everything I do. Most of the times I catch him before any major catastrophe happens, but today when he was helping to bake he was just too quick. He broke an egg all over himself in a split second, and then was quite a mess (which he'll tell you about - those words are definitely in his vocabulary too: mess, dirty, etc.).

Anyhow, I obviously haven't found time to update my files with new photos, but I thought I'd just comment without them because if I wait to do that I'll likely not post anything, or at least something completely different, as most certainly life with these boys would be already have seen something new by then!

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