Wednesday, October 17, 2007

A New Thanksgiving Tradition?

So Turkey day has truly fallen by the wayside in my family, though I plan to remedy that in the future... with some time to improve my cooking skills, namely, but also when Isaiah and Baby Rebelo 2 are old enough to build memories of it. Instead, we shuffled off to Buffalo to watch the Monday night football game against Dallas. It was nice to take a break from a life that has of late been one in which I am completely immersed in school!

Stacey & Ermal had purchased the tickets for Greg's birthday, so we decided to make a semi-weekend of it and went down to Niagara Falls (though didn't actually go to see the falls) on Sunday before crossing the border Monday for the game. We enjoyed five tours 'round the Skywheel, much to Greg's delight, and a haunted house attraction on the main strip... and of course some shopping at the outlets. The boys enjoyed a night at the casino while we girls had a pedicure at the spa in our hotel... since we're both preggo, we couldn't exactly live it up!

The game on Monday turned out to be a great one, rated one of the best actually. We had some pretty good seats and despite much of the crowd being completely drunk before the game even began, the Buffalo fans weren't as crazy as I'd heard them to be. Thanks for the game, Stacey and Ermal!

So, apparently we're embarking on new Thanksgiving traditions, though I must admit I really do miss the family get together of the typical feast. One day...

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Grandma Froggy said...

Have no fears, Natalie! Your turkey dinner tradition will not die! This was a special and unique year. All will be well. Strange, though, that a pseudo vegetarian would be so terribly concerned about roasted gobbler.